Frameit Member Auto-Renewal  Subscription Agreement

Version update time: August 12, 2022

Effective date: August 12, 2022


Thank you for applying to use the auto-renewal entrusted deduction service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") provided by Frameit. Please read and agree carefully to the terms of the "Frameit Member Auto-Renewal Subscription Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement"). If you do not agree with all or part of this agreement, please do not select "Agree and Accept" or use this service in any form of confirmation (including but not limited to: tick, click). If you check "Agree and accept the Frameit Auto-Renewal Subscription Agreement", you and Frameit have reached an agreement to voluntarily accept all the terms of this agreement. Thereafter, you shall not make any form of defense by not reading the terms of this agreement.


Prerequisites for using this service

1. This service is a sub-service belonging to Frameit member service. At the same time, this service is also based on your demand for automatic renewal. It is launched to avoid losses caused by your failure to renew the Frameit online service in time due to negligence or other reasons. Therefore, you have applied to open the Frameit online service as a prerequisite for applying for the use of this service.

2. You must have the corresponding rights and capacity to act when using this service, and be able to independently assume legal responsibility. If you are under the age of 18, you must be under the supervision of your parents or guardians to use this service.

3. As a sub-agreement of the "Frameit Member Service Agreement", this agreement has the same and inseparable legal effect. Therefore, before using this service, you should accept and agree to the "Frameit Member Service Agreement", this agreement and various agreements related to Frameit Member Service Agreement and this service., rules, announcements, etc., especially the corresponding terms of limitation or exemption from liability (the limitation or exemption terms may be reminded to your attention in bold form). At the same time, your following actions will also be regarded as your acceptance of this agreement and all terms of the Frameit Online Service Series Agreement:

(1) Actual use of the Service; or

(2) Actual use of any product or service (if any) provided by Frameit in conjunction with the Service; or

(3) Actual use of any products or services (if any) provided by third parties in conjunction with this service.

By agreeing to this Agreement, you are deemed to have known and agreed to all the terms of this Agreement Frameit Online Service Series Agreement and you warrant full compliance with the foregoing Agreement.


Rights and obligations of both parties under this service

1. Your application to use this service means that you irrevocably authorize Frameit to deduct the cost of the next billing cycle from your own Frameit member recharge account, third-party payment account bound to the Frameit member service account, bank card, and communication account before and after the expiration of your membership service period. The balance of the account (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "account") includes but is not limited to monthly, quarterly, annual, etc. (the same below) (specifically subject to the billing period selected when you choose this service at that time), the premise of this service is that you have bound the Frameit online service account to the above account , and can be successfully debited from the above account.

2. Automatic renewal specifically means that, based on the premise of the first paragraph of this article, Frameit collects the fee for your next billing cycle through the above account, records the payment in your payment record, and at the same time extends the valid period of your service. You need to ensure that Frameit can successfully deduct funds from the above account, and you shall be responsible for the failure to renew fees due to insufficient deductible balances in the above account.

3. You acknowledge and agree that: For the selected payment channel, you are obliged to ensure regular attention and ensure that there is a sufficient balance under the account of the payment method to meet the application of this service. If the service cannot be used due to defects (including but not limited to: insufficient balance, insufficient balance to meet your choice of this service), Frameit has the right to suspend your membership service without further notice.

4. If there is an error in the deduction process, Frameit will cooperate with you to find out the reason, and each will bear the loss caused by its own fault; if the loss is caused by the unequal fault of both parties, both parties will bear the corresponding responsibility according to the degree of fault; if both parties are jointly responsible, the responsibility shall be shared equally by both parties.

5. The service provided by Frameit to you is limited to your use on Frameit Client. Any act of maliciously cracking and other illegal means to provide the service content provided by Frameit does not belong to the service agreed in this agreement. All legal consequences arising therefrom shall be the responsibility of the actor, and Frameit will pursue the legal responsibility of the actor according to law.

6. This service is up to you to choose whether to cancel or not. If you do not choose to cancel, it is deemed that you agree to Frameit's irregular deduction attempts according to certain rules. Once the deduction is successful, Frameit will open a monthly subscription for you in the next billing cycle. Service.

7. If your service price through this service is adjusted during/before automatic renewal, the currently valid price shall prevail.

8. Frameit does not charge you any fee for opening this service, but Frameit has the right to decide whether to charge the service itself or adjust the automatic renewal cycle and fees according to business needs or market changes.

The valid period and termination of this service

1. This service is valid for a long time and takes effect from the time you choose to accept or use this service until you terminate (including your voluntary termination and termination due to your violation of relevant agreements, rules, etc.) this service or the specific Frameit online service you access through this service. termination.

2. You have the right to choose to terminate this service at any time in accordance with the guidelines of Article 4 of this agreement. After termination of this service, Frameit will stop providing this service to you.

3. The instruction that you have entrusted Frameit to automatically renew the deduction before choosing to terminate the service is still valid, and Frameit will not refund the fees deducted based on the instruction, and you will be responsible for it.

Unsubscribe from this service

1. You can choose to unsubscribe from this service.

2. If you choose not to continue using this service in the next billing cycle, please unsubscribe from this service no later than 24 hours before the expiration of this billing cycle. The steps of the unsubscribe process are as follows. If the specific steps change, please refer to the steps stated on Frameit at that time:

2.1 Open the "Settings" App.

2.2 Tap your name.

2.3 Tap "Subscribe".

2.4 Tap Frameit.

2.5 Tap " Cancel Subscription"


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